My Ex continues to be in deep love with myself. What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Reader Question:

My ex remains in love me and I also’m matchmaking their companion. About four or five several months back, I dumped my personal boyfriend of seven several months. We simply were not proper any longer. Now four weeks and a half afterwards, the guy confessed he’s and always will like me.

Note: I’m a teenager, so this is different matchmaking than adults.

What is the correct thing to do?

-Rebekah (United States Of America)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Rebekah:

What is the “right” move to make is an extremely various question from just what “should” I do. This is not an etiquette concern. This can be a question regarding your emotions, the emotions of the ex-boyfriend in addition to thoughts of his companion.

You have got rather a nest of thoughts to take into account right here, darling. A i could perform will be outline a few pre-determined questions for you yourself to give consideration to.

First of all, when he was the man you’re dating, did you split up since you two are not appropriate or as you skipped an opportunity to find out some dispute quality skills?

And it is him/her actually in love with you now, or maybe you’ve become more attractive as you are keeping fingers with his companion?

And how about the objectives of his pal? Is the guy contending together with buddy or being a really mindful sweetheart?

I disagree with you about one thing. Dating for youths isn’t unique of internet dating for grownups. Every commitment we’ve affects each alternate union we are going to have. We have been teaching our selves is a spouse our physical lives.

Are you currently learning how to be sort, loyal and sincere while getting obvious about having your needs met? Or will you be bowing to pressures from men in attempts to feel “liked.”

My personal suggestion: Figure out who you’re, what you would like and talk that obviously to both men. Its how you feel that matter right here.

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