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How Much Does Jeff Bezos Make In A Day? Shocking

jeff bezos daily income

You may be surprised to learn that $1.7 million for Jeff Bezos is the same as $1 for the average American. With a net worth of $211.4 billion, according to Forbes Real-Time Billionaires List, he is the wealthiest person in the world. The Tesla co-founder, who this year changed his title from CEO to “Technoking of Tesla” in a March regulatory filing, has enjoyed a massive wealth increase thanks to the rapid growth of his electric automaker. Tesla shares are up about 60% this year, and the company hit a $1 trillion market cap for the first time in October. However, on top of his salary, additional compensation brings his total income to $1,681,840.

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When Bezos took over the Washington Post, it was a struggling newspaper that was barely making it, but under the ownership of Bezos, it started to turn a profit in 2016 and has been able to continue since. From 1998 until 2021, Bezos’ base salary of $81,840 has remained the same. He also has an additional $1.6 million coming in from other methods of compensation. Therefore, Bezos’ annual income is about $1,681,840. Other compensation, including the founder’s security and business travel expenses, add up to $1.6 million. Therefore, between the base salary and other compensations, Bezos takes home around $1.7 million annually.

To understand how rich billionaires really are, use this calculator

That first income tax included a 6 percent surtax on incomes over $500,000. I mean, that is a very high tax rate on rich people, considering today, the highest income tax rate is 37 percent. Now, we don’t really have a perfect picture of his balance sheet.

  • The goal was to use drones to deliver packages to various homes and businesses across the country.
  • A lover of books, tea, and 1800s fashion, he often feels a small step out of place amid modernity.
  • But even with a mere $86.8 billion fortune, Bezos would still be one of the richest people in the world, outranked only by French businessman Bernard Arnault and Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani.
  • Again, based on his base salary of $81,840, Bezos makes $0.10 per second.
  • That’s an average earning of $9.6 billion a year—or $798,333,333 a month.
  • That was 1997, which meant he didn’t want to tax investment income at all.

It kept them safe and allowed restaurants to earn some money when they weren’t able to host diners indoors. As a rideshare company, Uber has seen a lot of use since its inception. By investing early in these businesses, Bezos ensures future wealth for himself as well.

Where Does Jeff Bezos Earn His Money?

Of course, this changes all the time when stocks, shares, and so much more change, so it’s not something that will remain the same forever. Jeff Bezos is best known as one of the richest people on Earth with his current worth estimated at $190.4bn according to Forbes which tracks billionaire fortunes in realtime. He jockeys for first place with Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, and Bernard Arnault, owner of LVMH. Based on the Forbes real-time billionaire index of his net worth over the past decade, Jeff Bezos makes $26,611,111 per day.

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In 9 US states, including the Bezos’ home state of Washington, divorce laws state that everything acquired throughout the marriage from real estate to income is considered joint property. Lauren is a published content writer and journalist. In the last five years, she has written about a range of subjects, including business, technology, and finance. With all the money in the world, it makes sense to reach for the stars.

Right now, the capital gains tax is less than an income tax for most people. For a really, really rich person, it’s jeff bezos daily income about 20 percent. So let’s say you bought a stock for $20, you sold it for $30, you have to pay tax on the $10 gain.

Even Jeff Bezos’s Daily Income Is a Nine-Figure Amount

And that’s exactly what Jeff Bezos is doing—spending roughly $8.7 billion on his aerospace company, Blue Origin. Bezos didn’t fall into the “more money than sense” cliché and has been fairly smart (and somewhat stingy) with his spending habits—even pledging to give away the majority of his wealth throughout his lifetime. Here’s a closer look at how Bezos spends his fortune. The company has humble beginnings—Bezos started it out of his garage in Seattle in 1994.

  • Well, to understand how we got to Jeff Bezos paying no income tax at all some years, you have to understand how taxation of investment broke off from the taxation of income and paychecks.
  • Not as wealthy as Jeff Bezos, but still looking for exclusive investments?
  • His total wealth now makes him worth more than Britain’s biggest company, the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca which is valued on the stock exchange at £121bn.
  • The 72-year-old holds the title of Europe’s richest man.
  • And not only by not selling is he avoiding capital gains tax on the sale.

His Corn Ranch in Texas, for example, is now the site of his Blue Origin space company. Besides investing in various tech businesses and robotics, Bezos has also opted for more traditional forms of investment. The goal was to use drones to deliver packages to various homes and businesses across the country.

Michael Bloomberg: $6.8 million per day

And you’re also paying lawyers who really know how to do this. Forbesi would tell you that Bezos has a current net worth of $117.5 billion. Ten years ago, he had a net worth of $21.7 billion—which shows a growth of $95.8 billion. We used his net worth growth to break down his earnings into years, months—and even a single second. And an incredibly lucrative 2020 has kept Bezos firmly on top. Most of the world’s richest people have lost money during the pandemic, but according to Bloomberg, Bezos’ fortune has grown by $74 billion since the beginning of March.

jeff bezos daily income

At the age of 58, Bezos has managed to become one of the world’s richest billionaires (right after Elon Musk). Along the way, the number of billionaires in the country rose from 614 to 708. We strive to help people in making conscious, well-informed, and—above all—beneficial decisions concerning personal finance. However, our content shouldn’t be considered financial advice and is intended for educational purposes only. Enjoy our site, learn, form your own opinions, but consult a financial professional before making any major financial decisions.

Only a year later, Bezos’ net worth took a hit as he went through one of the most expensive divorces in history. If I had one dollar for every time I heard someone complain about Jeff Bezos—I still wouldn’t be as rich as Jeff Bezos. But, at least some of us can say we’re closer to being a millionaire than he is. A final interesting fact that you might not know is that the Bezos Day One Fund aims to establish a network of nonprofit preschools and aid organizations working with homeless people. As of 2021, he has given over $300 million of the $2 billion he has pledged. He also launched the Earth Fund, a climate change charity that aims to help Earth.

Larry Page: $22.2 million per day

With this focus on technology that connects people, he likely stands to gain sizable profits from his investments. With several homes and commercial properties in valuable areas, Bezos’s net worth only increases. Although people can read a few articles for free, the bulk of their articles are behind a paywall. Bezos sold some of his shares which earned him a great deal of money, too. This is because many people were relying on online retailers to get some of their essentials and other products instead of going to physical stores. Here are some of the ways that Jeff Bezos earns his money.

jeff bezos daily income

Ballmer’s net worth benefitted from the popularity of tech stocks like Microsoft, which this year grew in value by more than 50%. Page is no longer CEO of Alphabet, but remains a board member. We can all understand how eager he must be to continue his work (particularly his pressing mission to, er, colonize Mars) but a global pandemic feels like a good moment for pause. The data tells us the 15 best-paid CEOs in tech have a combined annual income of over $83bn – which is greater than the entire gross domestic product of hundreds of countries.

His mother then married another man, who adopted Jeff, giving him the surname Bezos. Hard work has always been a large part of Bezos’ life, with his intelligence being a huge part of the reason he is where he is today, proving that it is what you know and not just who you know. However, although we’re only two months in, it’s been reported that Bezos has lost about $25 billion this year. Although, the net worth of individuals is always changing rapidly, so it’s important to keep your eye on this and stay up to date if this is information you are interested in. If you want to know how much Bezos makes per second, you might be shocked. Vizaca breaks down the calculations to report that Bezos makes $3,715 per second.

jeff bezos daily income

Bezos receives a portion of those payments since he owns The Post. With a wide audience, more people are willing to pay for the subscription service to read the news. Once he started to transition it into an online publication as well as an in-print publication, its traffic exploded. Before then, he had also relied on investments from his parents. He then pitched the business to investors and opted for seed funding.

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